Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cast Away from blogging

To all millions of followers out there, I am sorry for being away for so long...just kidding. I don't have millions of fans and just saying this to myslef. I started with good spirits but later somehow got dwindled due to many reasons, the top most of all is my laziness. As one of my colleagues say that I have mastered the art of being lazy, come to that point there is some truth in that. There are so many more things out there to keep me lazy and top most of all is TV. NBA season being closing in towards play-offs, the games are getting more and more interesting and getting me hooked, and adding some nice layers of fat underneath my clothes.

I have to admit that I have this tendency of getting fired up all of sudden and do things in the spur of the moment. And me writing this post is also one of those moments. I am not good at planning ahead, which I do only when I am going on some adventurous trips with my wifey or with my friends, otherwise I am not a planner and like to do things spontaneously. Its both good and bad, I feel planning well ahead and drawing out all the details minute by minute, takes the thrill out of things while doing those things as per the plan. Because you would have lived those moments while planning and re-experiencing them while execution doesn't give any kick. The bad  thing is without planning ahead, most of the times you end up doing nothing.

Anyways, at least coming to blogging I will try to plan to stay in touch with you and myself very frequently than being casted away for long long times.

And one more thing, I was thinking about some movie story that I am planning to write. Till now, I have just come up with title....."Same LOVE but different STORY", howz that sound??? 

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