Thursday, January 5, 2012 Woooooo(Men)

Women…They are so diverse and unique……Each and every female I came across so far was atypical in her own way..what they need and what they want..its either up to them or to the one who created them to know….no one else can even comes close to their brain mechanism….In Hinduism the reason for having rules of boy should be 21 and girl should be 18 , before they can be treated as Majors….isn’t just made for fun..this clearly states that a boy’s brain takes 2 extra more years to gain the same maturity level as a girl….but I would say what those people were thinking who came up with this…they should have gone for saying that it takes life time for guy to get to that same level of a other gender...

In terms of making them happy or getting them like U trying to hold the Mount Everest in your palm and placing in front of them…..not only that…they have an upper hand in each and everything….like…coming to patience..damn…it would never die while they were shopping where they can do it forever…and also handling tension situations…I don’t know..they would just absorb them like lord Shiva absorbing Jwalamukhi….while we guys will be jumping around like monkeys and with our heads like fireballs which are about to explode… hats off

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  1. Ha ha ha...well-said! I hope it is not to woo any particular woman ;-)!