Friday, December 31, 2010

Character, what defines it?

I know this topic is very subjective. But I always wonder about what defines the "Character". Can the character of the person be changed? what defines a good or bad character? I definitely don't know answers to these.

I always wonder, after playing so many hero type roles in the movies, do they have an impact on the person's original character who is playing the lead? Even though I cant speak about all of them, but in majority based on my opinion, the people playing good Samaritan roles in movies would not be affected by them. Here I have to say about one such major Hero I know.

In recent Assembly (Congress) elections back in my state, this big hero started his own party (yep, my fellow Americans, it's that easy to start your own political party in India, all you need is MONEY, thats all). He expected that his party would sweep the elections and he could become Head of the state (called Chief Minister (CM), even though there is Governor above CM, he doesn't not have much control over politics and he is there is just to sworn in the CM and his party after elections).

He contested from two places for two seats of Assembly. With his huge fan following from movies, he expected to win from both places, HANDS DOWN. But to his surprise, he could bag only one win, and his party lost miserably with less than one tenth of the seats in the assembly. After this disastrous defeat, he lost all the interest in politics and forgot all the promises he made to the public during campaign. During campaign, his political party's only agenda was "Change" (same as Obama's) and provide Social justice.

He was cribbing about all the injustice done to the people by the ruling party and he should be given a chance to serve people. He even decided to quit movies and satisfy his undying urge of serving people. But after his defeat, it was so astonishing to see, as how he could care less for the people and their worries. He, even though won one seat, paid no interest in taking care of the dire needs of the people in that constituency. The place lacks basic things like clean air, food and shelter. The major public use areas like bus and railway stations looked like garbage damping grounds. This did not bother him even a bit, and now he just decided to come back to movies, as thats the only thing he is capable of.."acting and fooling people" on and off screen.

People like this, prove that how much ever influence you have from outside (in this case, from positive hero characters in movies), the intrinsic CHARACTER will not Change. The character is formed and defined during your budding years when you get some awareness and some clue of whats happening around you. During these years, your family and friends have huge influence in shaping your character. Once formed, the Character is not easy to change.

I remember one of the saying from one of my dearest friends of my Bachelor days about character which is "Character is everything and if you don't have Character, you will be thrown out of the society". I remember him and his saying all the time. Even though I agree with each and every word of his, somehow I feel it is not applicable to everyone, at least not to the one I mentioned above. Even though he was thrown out of the politics, he is still hanging in there making huge bucks via movies.  I honestly feel with the influence of MONEY, the CHARACTER can be shadowed.


  1. A question - how can you recognize a person with character?

  2. our biggest hero Aamir Khan..people think he is awesome...he once told my friend who had gone to invite him as chief guest that he wanted a certain sum of money otherwise he wouldn't even consider the case... human mind is so cryptic... how else would you explain the killings in Arizona....the list is endless

  3. @Chitra,
    Thats a million dollar question, to which the answer I dont know.

    Yup, movies have least or no influence on the Character. Or to that, the person (Swami) who preaches about God and spirituality..he himself fools around with ladies in the back....(Sex Swami..I guess U know this guy)..All these people even though are surrounded by wordly humane things, their intrinsic core character is like a beast.