Sunday, December 5, 2010

Movies and their destroyers

I have been thinking to write about this for a while. I am a movie buff and watching movies is like an addiction to me. The addiction is so bad that, even how ever bad the movie was, I have to finish it once I started watching it. Like this, I have wasted countless hours on watching some seriously stupid movies. I see these movies and keep cursing the people involved in the movie all the while, like how they are just taking advantage of our addictions. So, now you can be thinking that why I watch movies that I don't like, or why the movies have become an addiction to me. To make you understand this, you have to read through this post.

I hail from a state in India called Andhra Pradesh, where watching movies is only favorite pass time that people had after their week or day long hard work. Watching movies is the only hobby that most people (including me) had. Movies were the best medium to connect with people, to have something to talk about and provide best ways to socialize. Movies are so big in my state that there are hard core associations in the names of their favorite male and female leads. These associations have such strong beliefs and attachments towards their favorite actors, that their love towards them can only be compared to the one they have towards their family. I have seen so many good and bad deeds done by these associations. Good deeds include charity work, like donating food, clothes or blood on the day of their actor birthday which is very auspicious to them. The bad deeds include trashing the public and public property, on occasions when something bad done by other actor associations or something bad was shown in the movie regarding their favorite actor. This shows the craziness of the people towards the movies in the place I grew up. So, even though I am not that hardcore, where I was part of any association or anything, I was ardent movie watcher, and watched movies all time when ever I had time available. My friends and family are like this too, and getting surrounded by them adds more reasons to why the movies became an addiction to me.

So, as I was explaining above, the people in the movie industry are making use of our addictions. The movie industry is now completely filled with pile of crap people, that there is no way for the real talent to shine. The industry is ruled by these dynasties for the decades now that room for real talent is vacant. There are plethora of people from these dynasties that fled the industry, that the industry is complete rotten shit now. I have to explain here about one of such dynasty, where the dad, started as villain, who slowly graduated himself to lead characters, stayed in the industry till the time he gone completely bald playing the leads and taking advantage of female co-stars off and on screen, to the core. There is open public talk that this guy takes advantage of every moving thing that looks like a female without any hesitations towards age. But nobody can do anything about it as he had some strong tie-ups with the politicians and some other strong people in the movie industry.

Now this guy with his wife has laid three shitty eggs, the elder one being the she, and the other two are he's. Now since their dad is in the industry, they feel that its their birth rite to be in the industry and ruin it to their best. The daughter is so immature that she was run away bride, where her father had gone to the streets trashing the guy she eloped with, to bring her back and getting her married to some lame NRI guy. Now she squeezes herself in to industry in some form or the other, as daddy's little girl, even though she has zero talent. I feel so sorry for the guy she married to. And to talk about the boys, they are so bad in every possible way, their appearance, acting, dancing, you name it and they suck at it. They dump all the illegal money they make from other means in to making movies (they make their own movies, as nobody even dare to try to make movies with them), and churn out so shitty movies that you end up with only one question to god, i.e. "why?". why you let these fugly people to keep rubbing their shitty products at us? "why?"...and even god tells that "he doesn't know". All their movies bomb at the box-office back to back, and instead of stepping back they come back in fury with even more shittier product as a revenge. Damn these guys feel no sorry for us or no shame on themselves and keep coming back at us like blood sucking vampires.... I don't know when there is an end to all this crap....


  1. A good Start for blogging. I am impressed. You should cut down on too much usage of sh**. Makes it sound like you haven't had a good sh** in a long time.
    I would rather read your blog than read RGV's book which is written on the premise that everyone is stupid except him.

  2. dude,
    first of all, i appreciate your start. I know you were such a movie freak during Lincoln days. I still remember bringing trashed TVs and watching a dvd (i think Sontham or some other Suneel movie) daily for months. hahaha

    Good start, I would say. good to know the environment back home which made you a movie buff.

    BUT why Manchu Family? I know I hate them but looks like you hate to the core. was laughing loud while reading your frustration. anyways, I agree with your points but better not get into their personal lives. I think you carried your emotion and the flow. I did the same thing when i was re-reviewing Jeevi's review on 'Jhummandi Nadam'

    to me, there is no end to this crap. even educated people are involved in this sh*t. but at the same time honest/genuine film-makers are coming in TFI and trying to be good story-tellers rather than dealing with just hero image based, formula films. hopefully TFI will see good days again where people, especially producers will look for good stories, writers etc.

  3. Hi,

    I know I got carried away. But I couldn't stop myslef after I watched the "Jhummandi Naadam", where the whole family (first daughter in the intro, and then later on Dad and Son) they caused me so much pain, and right after that I read about unveiling the Movie poster "Vasthaadu Naa Raju" by Vishnu, through sky diving..Man that's it...I got so furious that I had to vent it out. so that's why this article.

    As you said, you were right there are really some talented people in the industry, like for example Dev Katta, he made such a sensible movie "Prasthanam", but since he made that movie with offbeat actors, he could not reach the masses. And now even Shekar is not able to escape from this, where he had to go cling on established people in the industry to make his presence felt. The way he said that when is saw Rana, that he couldn't think of any one else to play "Leader" kidding man?? Rana, that guy was like a emotionless robot in the movie.

    I think the success formula for directors is to make 1-2 hits with established hero's, create a brand for urslef and then start making sesible movies with talented actors. I think who ever does this would be successful.

  4. lol. 'emotionless robot' - yes indeed. I completely agree with you on Leader. Shekar's bad writing especially 2nd half and Rana's blank face in lots of scenes killed it.

    Jhummandi Nadam choosaavaa...ummmm now I understand your frustration behind this post. I got irritated by looking at the rating that Jeevi gave for that JN. that stupid gave prasthanam 3/5, leader 3/5, JN 3/5. I was so frustrated and when I was writing mine, I had alcohol which made even worse.

    no body can defines TFI success formula. whole process is so risky and fluctuating. we cannot really predict it. low-budget projects with good story/screenplay will work for small producers but who will buy them? I doubt it. all the theaters are under control of big producers. So, they will stop making these bullshit movies like PULI, KHALEJA, ORANGE etc. as long as we get these movies your frustration will go high again.

    better solution for this is: learn malayalam, tamil or hollywood movies are the best. no crap at least.

    Hoping Vishnu will increase your BP with his VNR ;)

  5. U r rite, got to learn Malayalam. And abt VNR, cant wait to see it. haha.

  6. Hi Ananth, its a great start for your blog and I really liked your view. I can imagine how you might have felt when you wrote this.

    I know you are one of the movie crazy people that I know and you are so involved with each and every movie.

    Just take a break from movie for 6 months and see....:) I am sure its tough for you to stay away from all those movies ( who dont have respect for gravitational force at all) LOL. I always wonder how people can be so crazy about such movies....

  7. Hey Viju, Thanks. Now I guess u know how crazy I am about movies. Your suggestion of being away from movies for 6m is really worth trying, but I am not sure how sincere I could in trying to implement that.