Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why the blog title is titled like that?

Hey....if Ram Gopal Varma (most controversial movie director in India) can write a book by title "Naa Istam" (My Choice), publish and release it such a big way that whole world just dying to read it..why cant I give name to my blog in what ever way I want. But as lame as it sounds, I still have a reason behind this. I named Universal because I write here not to one genre of people or topics or things..but covers a whole lot...that run in my mind at any particular time I write my blog post.

One more thing I want to say that I am not a writer, and the stuff you read here is simple straight forward English where you don't need a dictionary to look in to to know the meaning of the words. So, if you are looking for some hi-fi..very imaginative and polished words to put the thoughts across...then u will not find this blog very interesting. But for other guys like me who are simple, the GAME is on from now on.

Keep visiting guys and be on board for ever joy thrill ride.

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  1. you are comparing yourself with RGV... how dare? ;)